On this page you can find an overview of sites I like to use when I study a Bible text, or when I just want to read some nice articles on whatever subject.
Bible.orgThis website has lots and lots of material that may be helpful when you want to study scripture. They got it nicely categorized by subject, scripture or author. I like to visit this website when I want to study a New Testament text, since they have many sermons on about every New Testament chapter.
Desiring GodJohn Piper is the founder of this site, which is cool. This man knows a lot about God, the Bible and how to live life like a Christian in the most practical way. This website not only offers a great deal of Scripture study material, it also has a vivid blog which is updated on a regular basis. John Piper is also a writer, so if you want to read one of his books, you can find it in the book overview page.
GotQuestionsGot a question? Go to! It’s just as easy as that. This websites offers hundreds of thousands of answers to questions asked by Christians. I like to visit this site when I have a hard question (duh) and want some more Scripture that might lead me to the answer in the Bible.
Till He ComesThis guy, Jeremy Myers, is in some aspects just like me (except he is qualified to say what he says): a curious Christian that likes to ask and answer hard questions. He is open to new ideas and has some interesting articles on seemingly hard to answer questions like: why does the God of the Old Testament look so different from the God of the New Testament?


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