Episode 11 – Evangelism, Bad Company and more

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In this episode Victor talks about his trip to Las Vegas where he got some nice opportunities to share the Gospel. We discuss his trip to discus evangelism on a more general level, like how to overcome your anxiety to evangelize or what it means to pray for divine appointments.

So when you feel like evangelism is nothing for you, this episode might be an interesting one. As Christians it’s one of the most important things why we are here on earth. Lucky for us there are many, many ways to evangelize, so most surely, there will be one for you as well. Now you obviously don’t have to go door to door. I don’t even think that’s the right way, like I mentioned in the episode, because that makes people feel like they’re considered a project rather than a person to be loved.

The article on desiringgod.org I mentioned can be found here. I think it hits right in the core when Dodson writes:

Paul says “know how you ought to answer each person.” This means that most of your gospel explanations will be different, not canned. It also implies a listening evangelism. How can we know how to respond to each person, if we don’t know each person?

Love is our most important commandment, to God (Deuteronomy 6:5) but also ‘our neighbour’ (Matthew 22:39). I think the easiest way for us to evangelise without stuffing it down some-ones throat is to do love. Everyday. It’s also the hardest one, since we oh so often fail to love regardless. That shouldn’t discourage us to try, though. God knows we aren’t perfect and He most certainly doesn’t expect us to be perfect.

That being said I like to add this one last thing: these might be nice words and all, but actually doing it is another story. Bringing our knowledge into practice is key in Christian everyday life. We could have all the knowledge of the world and even know exactly how to live a good life, but after all, faith without deeds is dead (James 2: 14-17). Evangelism doesn’t have to be a calling, because I think it’s our duty as Christians.

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