The Triune God

Coming Sunday I’ll start off with a new series. It will be a 7 part series on the Triune character of God. In the first 3 episodes I’ll ask the question who is God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit. After that I’ll ask the question about how to live with God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit. When I discussed all those things briefly I’m going to take a look at the Triune character of God. What does the Bible tell us about that and what can we do with that? I hope you learn something from the coming episodes. I’m certainly learning a lot, not only about God, but also about podcasting in general. If you have any tips or suggestions you can comment or send me an email at

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Episode 3 – Mental Health

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Hello everyone,

In today’s episode I talk with Maarten about what to do with people who are mentally ill. I think this is a bigger issue than people might initially think. Many pastors don’t talk about it, a lot of people don’t know how to deal with others that suffer from mental illness and on top of that the people who are mentally ill sometimes don’t want to talk about it either. So this is a complex issue.

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Hope for the hopeless

Don’t you hate it when you fall back into old bad habits, or have trouble with fighting addiction?

I had some bad addictions in the past, which were very confusing and annoying, because you know it takes you away from God, but it’s so addicting. And even though the Lord heard my prayer to free me from those addictions, they still seem to come back every now and then. This night was one of those times that I seemed to forget what the Lord did for me.

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